What exactly is this launch thing about?

We want to fundraise and campaign for mental health action in the arts, and we wanted to do something that would make an impact straight away. We decided to officially launch the organisation by fundraising for one achievable aim - to fund a specialised wellbeing workshop run for performers at a performing arts training institution. We have a JustGiving page, and are hosting a launch event too.

What is the launch event?

Our launch event is on Sunday 21 October at the Stane Street Syndicate in Clapham, London - and all proceeds from ticket sales will fund wellbeing workshops in performing arts schools. It's a chance for us introduce the charity and celebrate the fundraising effort we've all contributed too. We'll introduce the charity, tell you about our aims, and showcase some fab performances too. There will be a bar, so bring your friends for drinks you can feel good about! 

How do I attend the launch event?

Tickets are £10 and you can book here.

What if I can't come to the launch event?

If you can't make it to the launch event but you'd still like to contribute to the fundraiser then we would be very grateful if you could donate here.

So what exactly does all of this fundraising fund?

All proceeds from the launch event and all donations made through JustGiving will fund wellbeing workshops in performing arts schools. The workshops are run by Sophie Linder-Lee and cover mindfulness, coping strategies for stress, a comprehensive understanding of the body’s flight or flight mechanism, awareness of thoughts using CBT and NLP techniques and the importance of looking after your mind. As well as working in the Theatre industry for over 13 years on the West End and all over the world, Sophie is an accredited Life Coach (Accredited Coach Dip), certified in Counselling skills (NCFE Level 2) and is currently studying for her Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Accredited/ credit rate at SCQF level 8) with West of Scotland University. We're so happy to be funding her work.

Which schools will you award the workshop(s) to?

In order to make this a fair process, we decided to accept nominations for the schools and colleges to be awarded the workshop(s). Once the nomination window has closed at 5pm on 14th October, we will contact each school directly to ensure they are happy to be included on the shortlist. The school(s) with the most nominations will be awarded the workshop(s).

How do I nominate my school?

You can nominate your school or college using the form here - and be sure to share with your friends to increase the votes for your school! Please note only performing arts training institutions will be considered.

Will you fundraise for these workshops again? Will it be a regular thing?

It's a possibility that we'll do it again (if it works!), but it probably won't be a regular thing. There's two reasons for this - 1) this event and fundraiser has taken a lot of work to put together and we are a small team with full time jobs, and 2) we want to encourage performing arts schools to include mental health as part of their regular teachings. We are hoping that the workshops will prove themselves and that schools will decide to host the workshop again themselves. We truly believe that tailored mental health and wellbeing education should be a given in any learning environment.